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Selfie And Narcissism

Loving yourself is a good thing but sometimes it can go too far. Sharing pictures of yourself by taking selfies is something millions of people do on a regular basis. But what happens when a person is considered to have an ego that is out of control and they engage in acts that fuel their obsession about themselves? Selfies and being a narcissist doesn’t mix and it can lead to damage of oneself and relationships around you. Understanding these elements may help others gain insight on how to deal with people considered a narcissist.

Relationships become broken, severed or lost. Having this type of behaviour makes it difficult for people that care about you to communicate with you on a regular basis. Some people feel abandoned when they are unable to maintain a friendship or relationship with someone so self-absorbed. It gets difficult for the narcissist to see their selfish acts are pushing people away. In some cases, when people are pushed away or lose interest in being friends, it is then they realize their actions could be a reason friends don’t come around anymore.

The needs of others don’t get attention and the narcissist looks careless. Meeting the needs of others may get lost in mix of selfishness. Engaging in selfies is fun when being silly or serious, but doing so on a regular basis may have others wondering what is going on. Some engage in selfies so much they lose track of time or don’t realize others need them to be supportive or helpful during their time of need. Some wonder how they have time to create so many selfies while wondering what kind of life they really live.

More selfies may hide personal hurt making it difficult for others to help. Most see the act of selfies as a way to have fun or show unique personality. Others may wonder if a person is having issues with self-esteem or feel as if they need attention in order to feel good about themselves. Sometimes similar actions can be a cry for help because they don’t know how to deal with personal feelings. It may give an impression that things are great in their life when they are not.

It is easy to see why selfies and narcissism don’t mix. While some say the two are meant for each other, others feel one may be more damaging to the other. Selfies, for the most part, are fun ways to engage in communication with others whether or not you share the spotlight with friends when taking pictures. Some narcissists have different issues and concerns that require more than just a friend coming forward sharing how they feel about their behaviour. Relationship affects, lack of empathy for others, and hiding personal hurt may reflect reasons why selfies and narcissism pose a risk. Understanding both elements further can provide insight on how narcissists view themselves more than people and things around them.

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