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Why Texting And Driving Should Be Illegal In Every State

Texting while driving has caused many accidents and deaths across the country. Making texting while driving illegal for an entire country may seem controversial, but many agree it may help reduce vehicle accidents and deaths or vehicular homicide. The idea of making such an act illegal may seem obvious such as helping to save lives, but it may be able to do more than that depending on how regulations could be put in place to make it a reality. Young people such as teens may not like the idea, but adults and even insurance companies may view things differently.

Texting while driving should be illegal to encourage drivers to pay attention to the road. It may sound simple enough but people are often distracted with other things in the vehicle while driving including other passengers or the radio. Some eat, do their makeup, change clothes, speed, and so on. Taking away a distraction can make a difference, but using features such as hands-free devices can still be a problem while driving since it still takes some of your attention off the road. Younger drivers have found such features highly valuable.

Making texting illegal may reduce vehicle accidents overall, especially among teens. Teens make up a large percentage of vehicle accidents each year, partly because they are new to the road and learning traffic laws. In most cases, texting can wait but some think nothing will happen to them. There are regulations that require teens to obtain a certain number of hours driving with a temporary license before obtaining their full license depending on age and state. However, many feel more should be done before teens engage in driving to prevent them from using their mobile device while operating a vehicle.

Costs related to texting while driving may be drastically reduced. Financial costs such as fines, insurance deductibles, medical costs may all see a reduction if texting while driving was illegal. The number of traffic tickets issued may be reduced if more people pay attention while driving. Some areas impose fines for texting while driving encouraging other jurisdictions to explore the same idea. Insurance policies may be more affordable when drivers eliminate a risk encouraging a better driving record. Accidents may be reduced or prevented when limiting cellphone use when the vehicle is in park.

Texting while driving poses many risks, but making the action illegal in every state will be a challenge. There are hands-free devices and vehicles with hands-free dialing features drivers use to talk on their cellphones. Better attention driving, reducing accident risk, and financial savings are all benefits of making texting illegal while driving. Things would be easier for drivers on the road. Some feel such a law would be pointless but it is worth looking into further. Unfortunately, people may continue to text while driving if the action was illegal everywhere. If so, it will become a challenge to impose tough consequences to encourage them not to do it again.

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