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What Is An Expository Essay?

At school, one of the most important requirements that teachers met on students is essay writing. An argument that students who cannot write top quality papers cannot communicate well makes sense. But come to think about it. How would a student become successful in the real world where skills count more than anything else? Experts argue that students who write better are more likely to succeed than those who cannot craft simple letters and essays.

Now, bearing in mind that writing is an in-demand skill, you should ensure to learn the bits and bytes of excellent essay composition. In this post, we look at expository essay writing. But first, especially to help a novice understand it better, let’s define the term, expository essay. Different sources of knowledge present slight variations when defining these types of essays. However, a common agreement among scholars is that they are like informative essays. Like informational essays, expository papers explicate, show, explain, and expound.

The caveat is that unlike informational essays, expository variants are a lot more detailed when examining a subject. A writer must examine a topic then logically present arguments. Most importantly, they are straightforward variants of informational academic writing. With the definition at your fingertips, read on to learn more.

Features of expository essays

To further help you understand expository essays, and of course without delving into how to write them, the following features are noteworthy:

They are descriptive

Whether it is your first time or subsequent expository essay assignment, you must always note that these papers must be descriptive. A point of caution is that you should not mistake expository for descriptive writing. While you should aim to inform readers, do not shy away from explaining important facts. Also, describe any situation or subject that would add value to your write-up, albeit, superficially.

They are exhaustive

Moreover, expository essays must always exhaust a topic. You should not write these papers because you aim to get good grades. Exhaust a given topic in as much detail as possible. It is a provision in the format of an expository paper, allowing you to present your arguments about a topic in a detailed manner.

Use third-person pronoun and keep it formal

On this point, let’s quickly mention that most academic essays take a formal writing approach. It is the same case with expository essays. You should also write your expository paper in third person pronoun. Avoid using ‘I’, ‘we’ or ‘you’ because it will water down your arguments. The aim of expository essays is to information hence readers should feel at ease when going through your paper. It is not an account of personal adventures, neither is it a command.

Expository essays should be easy to write. A bonus feature is that these papers must have a format. Do not write for the sake of filling white space. Moreover, you are free to give references to your arguments, especially if you want to give more information that the paper cannot accommodate.